www.PainReliefMiracle.com 1-800-604-2064 or 1-307-577-6333 OK, we are here in Casper. What is your name, sir? Ron Bell And Ron, you are using PRM (Pain Relief Miracle). What are you using it for? Neuropathy So I see you are in a wheel-chair. How long have you been in a wheel-chair? About 2.5 years. And it’s from the neuropathy? Right. Yeah. So tell me what you have experienced and what you have noticed the benefits are with Pain Relief Miracle! Once my little brother brought it over to me and I sprayed it on. It seemed like the second or third day I was able to get on my feet a little bit. And I lasted about 20 minutes at a time. And then I sprayed some more on it and a couple of hours later I could get on them again a little bit. And I’ve been bedridden with this stuff for a while. Have you? Yeah, I can walk with it, it’s just the pain. So the Pain Relief Miracle has cut it down quite a bit, yeah? Yeah, it cuts it down to where… When you think you’re going out of your head, you put this on and it cuts it in about a half. In half? And how long does it take to do that? About 8 to 14 minutes, maybe? So it’s pretty quick? Yeah! Anything you’d like to tell other people who might be suffering from your symptoms? It’s in your hand, right? It’s in my hands and in my feet. OK When you put it on, if you put it on, then take a hairdryer. It seems like it activates it. The heat probably, right? Yeah. It gets it going faster. You can also try a heating pad, or what I really like is

Home-made, organic alternative to a hot-water bottle. Based on our Cochin Chinese bantam Snowy, I designed and made this from what I had available — a remnant of organic percale, left over from a sheet and the certified organic chicken grain I feed to our poultry. I have provided a link below for organic fabric and you can use all kinds of different sorts of grain. The heat/cold pad moulds to the body to relieve aches and pains from heaving pallets about and moving perches in cold weather. Organic Fabric Suppliers I use — if you know of any others please let me know. Greenfibres, Totnes, Devon ,UK. www.greenfibres.com – they also sell an organic undyed unbleached flannel, which would do really well. La Cantata du chanvre, 25000 Besançon, France. www.cantate-du-chanvre.com How I heat the warmer — in our woodburner at 150 deg C (approx 300F) for 15 minutes. I turn it several times and I cover it with baking paper to prevent any possible damage to embroidery. To use as a cold pad, freeze the Snowy warmer in a plastic bag for 3 hours and make a soothing treatment pad for sprains and bruises. There are many sites on the internet telling how to microwave and heat wheat warmers in a conventional oven. As I have no experience of these it is better to consult them. grain filled packs either heated or frozen, for use as hot or cold packs wheat filled heat pack bed buddies, stress busters, magic bags, corn cozies, rice bags Heatbag Wheatbags Wheat Filled Heat Pack Wheat Pack