The rice diet is a fabulous way to not only lose weight, but also lower your cholesterol and blood pressure. The diet was developed by Duke University as a treatment for diabetes, hypertension, and obesity. However, this low fat, low salt diet has proven itself time and again to be a great source for not only lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, but also weight. Because of this, many overweight diabetics should join the program as a surefire way to get their diseases under control, lose weight, and lose the prescription co-dependence.

In the treatment of diabetes, the rice diet is substantially useful. It reduces the need for insulin in patents in all patients – thirty two percent of which were able to completely lose their co-dependence on insulin. The remaining percent of patients were able to severely diminish their medicinal intake for their diabetes.

In coronary artery disease it reduces the symptoms of angina pectoris and congestive heart failure – therefore making the drugs associated with it unnecessary. In conjunction with the rice diet, research shows that lowering cholesterol with diet and/or medication can reduce the risk of death from this disease, and that the diet is a very effective treatment for it. Many coronary artery disease patients have even been able to completely stop their prescription medications after using the rice diet program.

Hypertension is also affected by the rice diet. Trials have shown that the rice diet lowers the blood pressure of hypertensive patients and therefore prolongs life as it lowers cholesterol, normalizes blood sugar, uric acid, weight, and heart size.

Overweight patients can lose on average one half to one pound a day on the diet. On it says, “The average initial weight for women was 204 pounds. The average weight for men was 266 pounds. The average weight loss in the first week was eight pounds for women and twelve pounds for men, but some patients have lost over 30 pounds in the first week. In four weeks, women lost an average of 19 pounds and men an average of 30 pounds. Again, some patients have lost over 90 pounds in the first four weeks.” Afterwards, sixty three percent of patents reported weighing the same or less than they did when they left the program. Such high success rates are reported across the board, and are indicative of what patients learn while in the program.
While the rice diet program may not be for everyone, it is a safe way to not only lose weight, but also fight major diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease. The creators, at Duke University, have created a useful and safe method for you to lose weight (and keep it off) while under the direct supervision of a physician. If you feel that the program may be of help to you in your quest for weight loss, speak to your physician to see if the rice diet program will work for you.

Rice Diet

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