Here is a video review and small article review step by step How to make a rice heating pad and much more.

Make a heating pad with rice and a sock

  • Microwave for 20 seconds to minute max be very careful especially with kids it can get deceptively hot!!
  • How to make a rice sock (heat pack)
  • In 1 minute flat
  • You’ll need
  • Scissors
  • Rice
  • 2 x elastic bands
  • 1 x long tube sock
  • 1 x lovely fluffy sock
  • 1 x party hat
  • Yes, a party hat!
  • Cut the end off your party hat to make a funnel
  • Pour rice into funnel to fill sock
  • Tie a knot firmly to seal the sock
  • Twist 2 elastic bands below knot to prevent rice escaping
  • Cut excess sock from end
  • Place soft lovely sock over the top as a washable cover
  • Rice socks for use in pregnancy and labor

Benefit of rice heating pad therapy

Here is the benefit of heat therapy, decrease muscle spasms, reduces inflammation, increase blood flow to the area which promotes healing, reduce pain, back pain, neck pain, ect, for more about this topic you can visit Wikipedia Heat therapy and benefit much more.