The rice diet is a rapid weight-loss program that needs to be medically supervised. The rice diet was developed by Duke University for the treatment of diabetes, hypertension and obesity. The diet is a low fat, low sale diet that was created for optimal health. Salt, as a part of the rice diet, stimulates appetite and reduces several health risks including high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and heart size and weight.

In the treatment of diabetes, the rice diet has a substantial benefit. The diet not only reduces the need for insulin, but it also has a great “beneficial effect on blood pressure, cholesterol and the eye and kidney complications that can occur with diabetes.” Of the patients taking insulin on the rice diet, thirty eight percent were able to discontinue the use of insulin after four weeks and still have great blood sugar control. The remaining sixty two percent were able to greatly reduce their dosages of insulin. Even those using oral diabetes medications had outstanding results; eighty percent were able to discontinue their dosages after four weeks! Even more incredible is the facts that many patients (under this medically supervised diet) who were legally blind due to diabetes had their vision improve to the point that they could obtain drivers licenses!

The diet is also considered the ‘definitive treatment’ for coronary artery disease. Because it relieves the symptoms of the disease (angina pectoris and congestive heart failure) it makes drugs unnecessary. Research shows that lowering cholesterol with diet and/or medication can reduce the death risk from vascular disease. The diet is a very effective treatment for high blood pressure. Most patients can completely stop their medication while on the diet.

Rice diet, Veggie plate inspired by Alicia Silverstone\'s The …

Rice diet, Veggie plate inspired by Alicia Silverstone’s The …—NoSoma (

The diet also helps with hypertension. Random trials have shown that lowering the blood pressure of hypertensive patients reduces the risk of stroke and actually prolongs life. Because the diet lowers blood pressure, it lowers cholesterol and normalizes blood sugar, uric acid, weight and heart size – all while causing an increased sense of ‘well being’.

For overweight patients of the diet, they can expect to lose an average of one half to one pound a day depending on the amount of exercise. According to, “The important thing is not what you weigh when you leave the Program, but what you weigh a year later. Sixty-three percent (63%) of patients who could be contacted after one year reported weighing the same or less than they did when they left the Program. These success rates are far higher than are reported by others. We believe long-term success is due to the Diet and the approaches and skills that you learn during your stay at the Rice Diet Program.”

Because of the nature of the rice diet program, you must only follow it under the strict supervision of health professionals. However, given the outstanding results for not only losing weight, but also diabetes and heart disease, it is one of the few diet programs that benefits society and the health of our country. If you are obese, have diabetes or heart disease; consult your physician to see if the rice diet can help you.

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