18 Responses to “Hand warmer magic gel heat pad pack heat instantly”

  1. cykovisuals

    Where could I purchase these at? I went to the website and there is no information on the product that I could find. Thanks!

  2. winxniw

    Where did you buy that? the website only sells bikes and some accessories.

  3. dudeofgy

    you can buy them on ebay just put “hand warmer” in the the search bar

  4. sportinthebox

    You can buy them from their reseller at MTF price matter stores in British Columbia.

  5. NeoQuello

    i hate the fact that you have to boil it to deactivate it… i’d rather get the zippo hand warmer.. its gives you 24 hours of heat on only .4oz of lighter fluid..

  6. viralnews

    check the latest heliosheater net pads. they come with belts and pouches.

  7. R0YB0T

    You can get them cheap at any drug store. They have generic versions of many sizes. They are bags filled with water and sodium acetate with a little piece of metal that you click to start the reaction.

  8. Irishgal333

    hey mine isn’t melting again i’ve placed it in BOILING hot water 3 TIMES!! ans nothing???


    @Irishgal333 did you make sure you boiled it to the point that it’s only just the clear liquid? cos it worked for me

  10. FrontSidewalkGuys

    How does this work – we have one and not sure how the click of the metal makes the sodium acetate react.

  11. twentyfofo

    Question: When I boil it, do all crystal have to entirely transform into liquid in order to be reuse?
    What happened to my pad is that after I boiled it, it became liquid and without clicking the metal film, the liquid became solid again. I have no idea what’s going on.

  12. sportinthebox

    @twentyfofo shouldn’t happen. what brand of headpad you have?

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