For more info: We’re taking heat mats to the highest standard of technology… the IntelliTemp Mats are designed with integrated protective conductors throughout the mat providing maximum safety to you and your reptile. In addition, this superior design creates maximum dependability, enhanced consistency and a temperature spread consistent with herp related temperatures.

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    5 Responses to “Intellitemp Reptile Heat Mats – Best Snake & Lizard Heat Pads”

    1. IIIChrisEFCIII

      Are these suitable for Bearded Dragons? I plan on buying one soon but im not sure what kind of heat source i should use during the night.
      Thanks :)

    2. MrEnglandForever1

      @IIIChrisEFCIII Yeah i reckon pal..i think they need a heat lamp too??. JFT96

    3. BigApplePetSupply

      @CrestedBoa Yes, but be careful that if you put bedding on top of the mat that you do not get it too hot. We do cover the use of these mats with plastic in the video.

    4. CrestedBoa

      @CrestedBoa ok, just ordered one a day ago, just got a confirmation.

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