Product Features

  • Brand: handmade
  • Hot & Cold Therapy Type: Aromatherapy
  • Color: Dark Gray
Sale Price: 13.95

Product Description

** NEW AND HANDMADE ** Reusable heating/cold pad is in fact filled along with 50/50 mix coming from rice & all-natural wheat or grain or even surface areas and your possibility off whole entire true violet blooms and even scentless pad I have really found this mix to come to be undoubtedly superb for physical body weight, heating unit capacities as well as amount from level of smoothness in addition to which the bag develops to your physique. Pad launches dampness throughout the training program from the heater technique, therefore this as a matter of fact finds yourself being actually a portable moist pot holder enhanced through relaxing and also rough premiums coming from proper violet. Cozy pad/cold pads are really fantastic for the convenience coming from migraine headaches, muscular tissue mass discomforts, nostrils clog, back pain, back tenderness, shoulder pain, discomforts, headache, migraine headache splitting headaches, heat, throbing muscular tissue mass in addition to common distress. Design preserves all-natural item consistently spread within 3 places in addition to that is in fact created off really fragile cotton. Crib is in fact palm created about 5 ins huge and TWENTY ins hunger for take advantage of as a comfort crib, simply microwave, and even channel in the refrigerator as well as use that as an ice bag Heating & chilly paths are really included alongside each acquisition Please inspect measurements just before acquiring