Product Features

  • Brand: handmade
  • Hot & Cold Therapy Type: Aromatherapy
  • Color: brown
Sale Price: 13.95

Product Description

** NEW AND HANDMADE ** Reusable heating/cold pad is really packed along with 50/50 mix off rice & 100% natural wheat or grain or even surface areas in addition to your choice coming from whole entire actual violet blooms and even scentless pad I have really found this mix to come to be entirely better for physical body weight, heater abilities and amount from level of smoothness in addition to which the bag makes to your physique. Pad launches dampness during the heating unit technique, to make sure that actually finds yourself being actually a mobile wet pot holder strengthened because of the calming and also unpleasant excellent quality off actual jasmine. Comfort pad/cold pads are really great for the relief coming from migraine headaches, muscular tissue mass aches, nostrils obstruction, back pain, pain in the back, shoulder distress, aches, headache, migraine headache splitting headaches, heat, uncomfortable muscular tissue mass in addition to mutual soreness. Style sustains all-natural part evenly scattered within 3 places as well as that is in fact generated off extremely hassle-free cotton. Pad is really palm crafted around 5 ins extensive and TWENTY ins long for use as a hot pad, simply microwave, and even building in the refrigerator freezer and also use this as an ice bag Heating & icy instructions are in fact included alongside each investment Please inspect sizes prior to getting