Product Features

  • Brand: handmade
  • Hot & Cold Therapy Type: Aromatherapy
  • Color: purple
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
Sale Price: 13.95

Product Description

Trip Salelimited option cost decrease ** NEW AND HANDMADE ** Reusable heating/cold pad is in fact filled along with 50/50 mix off rice & all-natural wheat or grain or even surface areas as well as your choice off whole entire actual violet florals or maybe odor-free pad I have in fact found this mix to end up being efficiently exceptional for physical body weight, heating and cooling system capabilities and also amount from level of smoothness in addition to which the bag develops to your physical body unit. Pad launches moisture in the course of the program from the heater technique, thus this definitely happens a mobile phone moist pot holder increased as a result of the soothing in addition to rough premiums coming from actual violet. Cozy pad/cold pads are really impressive for the easement off migraine headaches, muscular tissue mass tenderness, nostrils obstruction, back distress, neck and back pain, shoulder pain, aches, migraine headaches, migraine headache splitting headaches, heat, uncomfortable muscular tissue mass and also common soreness. Type constantly maintains natural item evenly flowed within 3 systems in addition to that is in fact generated originating from extremely fragile cotton along with 100% cotton. Crib is in fact around 5 ins sizable as well as TWENTY ins yearn for consumption as a warm and comfortable lodging, simply microwave, or perhaps business in the refrigerator in addition to use this as an ice bag Heating & cool suggestions are really included together with each acquisition Made in a pet free property Please examine measurements just before buying